Our Service

Our innovative, modular Flexipod can be installed anywhere in the workplace. It comes fully equipped with an integrated water reservoir, boiler, sink and milk refrigerator. All it needs is a single 63 amp power supply but no plumbing or drainage as waste water containers are included. Options include a range of chilled display modules and a tower with an LCD flat screen monitor. You can mix and match the modules to suit your space requirements and specify the colour of their finish. The Flexipod only takes a day to install and needs no planning permission.

We supply professionally trained and supported staff to serve your choice of fresh food and hot drinks during the hours you specify. We source the best quality products, sensibly priced, that represent genuine value for money. And we provide a reliable, cheerful service to forty or four thousand, depending on your requirements and the size of your workplace.

Our service contracts are extremely flexible and attractively-priced. They are geared to the number of pods installed, volume of traffic and any tariffs you specify. Our commission terms mean that you can generate revenue from an under-used area in your office foyer or atrium and make the most of your assets.

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